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Rick Knief – biography


Executive Producer /Director /Photographer

Rick Knief is the founding partner and executive producer of Table of Content.

Rick began his career as an art director, working at advertising agencies in both New York and Boston. But it was while working as a creative director at Ogilvy & Mather, New York, where he was able to translate his passion for art direction, photography, and story-telling into the art of directing when he was given the opportunity to direct his first commercial for American Express.

From that moment on there was no turning back and Rick went on to win the top honor of “Best Creative Director” at the Forbes American Business Awards for the success of his work on the British Virgin Islands tourism campaign, which he both directed and art directed. That same year, his 9/11 documentary, “Looking for My Brother,” premiered at the Boston Film Festival and earned praise from both the Boston Globe and the Boston Herald.

While some of Rick’s work as creative director can be seen in the archives of the One Show, Communication Arts, and D&AD, it is his work as a director where he really shines. Using his unique, collaborative style he is able to take advantage of his marketing and people skills and elicit smart, genuine and human performances from his talent, capture their emotions, and connect them to the brands he works on in a clean, graphic, and cinematic style.

A true lover of creative collaboration, Rick founded Table of Content as a creative collective, where like-minded creative professionals can work alongside one another, develop, and create stories that entertain and engage the audience.