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Tom Krueger – biography

Tom Krueger

Director / Cinematographer

Raised by wolves (also known as hippies) in Berkeley California, Tom grew up surrounded by an eclectic bunch of artists and freaks, and began his own illustrious career at fifteen shooting remakes of the action film The Road Warrior over and over and over again. At nineteen he got his first break working for producer Lowell Bergman as a camera assistant and associate producer on CBS’s 60 Minutes, and by 20 he had joined the International Cinematographers Guild and moved to New York City (replacing the hippies with actual wolves).

Tom soon climbed the ranks of the camera department, and by 25 was working full-time as a Director of Photography, shooting everything from music videos (Bowie, Dylan, Stevie Wonder, Public Enemy, Cypress Hill, etc) to commercials and documentaries. In the following few years he shot the TV series, “The United States of Poetry”, directed by Mark Pellington, his first feature, “Manny and Lo”, starring Scarlett Johansson, directed by his sister, Lisa Krueger, and directed his own short film, “Fuzzy Logic”, which screened at the Cannes and Sundance Film Festivals and won several awards including Best Short at the New York Gen Art Festival.

Since then Tom has shot and directed countless projects, wrote and directed the feature, “You’re In Charge”, along with U2’s, “360 -Live at the Rose Bowl”, and most recently shot the Jim Jarmusch film, “Gimme Danger”, among other things.

“I feel lucky to have a solid grasp of photography, the camera, the lighting and movement, which has served me well thus far. Today what interests me most, along with these stylistic choices, are the characters. Why do people do the things they do, wear what they wear, or say what they say? It absolutely fascinates me. Placing unique characters in interesting situations is what it’s all about, and capturing that in a provocative, dynamic way is the challenge, it’s what sets directors apart from one another. I look at it as one-giant-collaboration, and my job as director is to get the most out of everyone involved, from the actors and crew, to the writers and creative directors. All of us checking our egos at the door.”